Mixed Media, “Henri Saint Clair”

  • Origin: France
  • Circa Date: 20th Century
  • Item #: P65-47D
  • Dimensions:
  • Height: 31''
  • Width: 15''
  • Depth:
  • Diam:

Framed mixed media on paper. French. Signed “Henri Saint Clair”. 20th century



Henri Saint Clair (1899–1990)

Henri Saint Clair was a French artist best known for his Post-Impressionist paintings portraying the beaches in Normandy, France. Recently recognized as one of the most talented French fine artists, his works are characterized by indicative lines that hint at shapes as well as a thin, wash-like application of paint. Saint Clair also notably preferred to use a painter’s board over the canvas used by his contemporaries, opting to work quickly outdoors with a light surface. Born in 1899 in Arras, France, the artist worked as a restorer at national museums such as the Louvre, and was greatly influenced by the paintings of Eugène Boudinand his contemporary Raoul Dufy. Saint Clair died in 1990 in France.  (ARTNET)

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